Using Peel And Seal To Dampen Sound In A Vanagon

The Volkswagen Vanagon is a giant tuning fork.

If you have ever removed the interior side panels, you will notice that there is no insulation. This adds to the increased road noise inside the van. One solution to help reduce this road noise is a roofing product called Peel & Seal. It is sold at most hardware stores for about $15 per 25' roll, and it helps reduce some of the interior noise. Peel And Seal is self sticking. Just cut the desired length, and apply firmly with some over lapping. We did not do the whole Vanagon, but it should take approximately 3-4 rolls to cover all side surfaces.  This particular roofing product is odorless (no tar smell) compared with other similar products.

The only challenges in this project is not damaging the plastic clips which hold the interior trim panels, and the Vanagon yoga you may have to perform to firmly reach all body panels.

We will be looking for other spray-on or bed liner alternatives in the future that may also provide thermal insulation as well as sound dampening.

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