Vanagon Side Panel Bedliner Preparation & Application

The Vanagon was roughed up with a Scotch pad, cleaned with Xylol/Xylene, and masked off. All of the rivet holes were simply covered with a small piece of masking tape.

While applying your first coat, be sure to only keep a small amount of bed liner paint in the paint tray, and mix what's in the can before pouring into your tray. After the first coat of Herculiner, it is normal to see the body color through the bed liner paint. Depending of climate conditions, your vehicle should be ready for the second coat anywhere between 4-8 hours (apply when first coat is not tacky). Tape removal is much easier after a few hours.

We have utilized Herculiner bed liner paint on two Volkswagen Vanagons. One Vanagon features a 48 hour old coat on a Vanagon with it's side panels removed, and the other van displays 13 month old Herculiner on the stock fiberglass bumpers and panels. The latest application only used up one half of a can (1 gallon kit) on the sides and front. The remaining product may be used to cover interior van floors, as a sound deadening product behind the interior panels, or a variety of household projects.

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