How To Apply Truck Bed Liner

We had previously applied Herculiner roll on truck bed liner to all the bumpers, side panels, and nose of two Vanagons.  This time, we removed the side panels due to faulty repairs from a previous hit and run.  Removing the side panels gives a Vanagon the illusion of a higher stance like a Syncro, and keeps gunk off the roads from collecting on the backside of these side trim pieces.

This particular truck bedliner application only takes a Herculiner Bed Liner 1 - Quart can which will cost you less than $30.  All other supplies (Xylol, abrasive pad, masking tape, painting accessories, paint mixing bit, rubber gloves) can be found at any hardware store. If you are considering applying more to the outside or utilizing the extra as an interior sound deadening product, the Herculiner 1 - Gallon Kit should suffice.

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