Upgrading A Vanagon To 15 Inch Wheels And Tires

The time came when both Vanagons needed tires.  If you are still driving on 14 inch alloys or steelies, you know that the tire options are limited.

Both Vanagons received an upgrade to a 15 inch Mercedes Benz 8 hole replica wheel which are 15 x 7, with Michelin HydroEdge tires 205 65 15.  The Michelin tires were less expensive than most of the 14 inch tire options.  An added bonus is the 90,000 mile tread life.

The only adjustment to get used to is how much road gunk these tires and wheels kick up onto the Vanagon.  They do stick out a bit more than the stock rims and tires.  If you upgrade to this type of package, be sure to keep your old 14 inch spare.  The old factory alloys were sold in one day, which offset the double rim and tire upgrade.

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