Most Popular Products For Your VW Vanagon

We have put together a list of popular products for active Volkswagen Vanagon owners.  

Some products are specifically for road trips and outdoor fun, while others are easy non-mechanical DIY upgrades that are on most Vanagon owner to do list.

Volkswagen Vanagon Liftgate Rear Liftgate Upgrade

StrongArm Vanagon liftgate
StrongArm Vanagon Liftgate
Tired of your Vanagon rear lift-gate closing on you when opened?  How many times have you hit your head or run into the corners of the lift gate?  Fixing this is easy, just replace the 2 lift gate supports with improved StrongArm 4634 for Vanagons.  StrongArm Vanagon lift-gate supports are priced online for around $15 each. 


Upgrade Your Yellow Faded Headlights

GE Nighthawk headlight bulbs
GE Nighthawk Headlight Bulbs
You can easily upgrade the bulbs in your Vanagon's headlights with GE's Nighthawk Platinum line.  These Vanagon headlight bulbs will provide up to 90 percent more light than your old traditional halogen bulbs.  The light emitted is a clean white light.  GE Nighthawk headlight bulbs can be found online for around $30 a pair.




Active Lifestyle - Rugged Mobile Phone

Sonim rugged cellphone
Sonim Rugged Cellphone
How many mobile phones have you destroyed while participating in your favorite outdoor activity?  The new Sonim XP3300 unlocked rugged phone can withstand anything you throw at it.  Mil-spec rugged mobile phones are designed for industrial environments and are virtually indestructible with features like being shockproof, waterproof, and crush proof.  The entire Sonim rugged cellphone line also features a speakerphone capable of 110db. 


Brunton 26 Watt Automotive Solar Panel

Brunton 26 Watt Automotive Solar Panel
Brunton Solar Panel
The Brunton 26 watt solar panel is portable, and can be folded up and stored in a portable case.  Keep your electronics charged on long road trips.





Koolatron 45 Quart Travel Cooler

Koolatron 45 Quart Travel Cooler
Koolatron Travel Cooler
Koolatron travel coolers keep your food cool through the power of your 12 volt cigarette lighter.  Travel coolers are great for long road trips or trips to the grocery market in warm weather.  The Koolatron P95 45 quart can keep your food cool down to 40 degrees and is priced around $140.




K & N Replacement Performance Air Filter (#2475)

K & N Replacement Performance Air Filter For Volkswagen Vanagon
K & N VW Air Filter
For less that $40, you can upgrade your Vanagon's stock air filter to a K & N high air flow filter.  These air filters fit into any existing factory air box.  K & N air filters are washable, reusable, and are guaranteed for 1 million miles.







WeatherTech Front Rubber Mats

WeatherTech Front Rubber Mats
WeatherTech Volkswagen Mats
Each WeatherTech floor mat is designed specifically for a particular vehicle model.  They are made in America, won't crack or curl, and are anti-skid.  WeatherTech floor mats are great for all seasons.  They trap the sand and dirt from your busy summer.  A set of front WeatherTech mats for a Vanagon will cost around $70.

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